Guys & Dolls

Guys & Dolls

August 21-23, 2015 at the Wisconsin Union Theater

The Wisconsin Union Theater stage will be transformed into that most American of cities, New York, peopled with Damon Runyon’s larger-than-life characters: crap-game master Nathan Detroit; his intended-but-14-times-not-wedded fiancée, the showgirl Miss Adelaide; the teetotaler Salvation Army doll, Miss Sarah Brown; and the high-rolling gambler, Sky Masterson. You’ll fall in love all over again with such great Frank Loesser songs as “I’ve Never Been in Love Before”, “Luck Be a Lady”, and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.”


Cast & Crew

  • Sister Sarah Brown                  Abby Nichols
  • Sky Masterson                          Jace Nichols
  • Miss Adelaide                           Jessica Jane Witham
  • Nathan Detroit                        Michael Herold*
  • Nicely-Nicely Johnson            Robert A. Goderich
  • Benny Southstreet                    John Jajewski
  • Rusty Charlie                              Kenneth Lyons
  • Arvide Abernathy                      Bart Terrell
  • Lt. Brannigan                             Sam White
  • Big Jule                                        Tom Hensen
  • General Matilda Cartwright     Amy L. Welk
  • Mission Band:                             Tracy Herold, Beth Morgan, Jim Rowe
  • Harry the Horse                          Ryan Williams
  • Joey Biltmore                              Alex Van Handel
  • Angie the Ox                                Christopher Babiarz

Women’s Ensemble                                    Hot Box Girls

  • Meg Aspinwall                          Laura Athas                           
  • Alyson Barrett                          Julia Bourland
  • Elizabeth Engle                        Katy Debs
  • Genevieve Globus                    Sheridan Hearn
  • Katy O’Leary                            Candice Jones
  •                                                     Marie McManama

Men’s Ensemble                                       Crapshooters

  • James Aehl                             David Holaday
  • Christopher Babiarz              Kenneth Lyons
  • Rick Divita                               Alex Van Handel
  • Julian Engle                             Sam Taylor
  • John Jajewski                         Dylan Todd
  •                                                    Ryan Williams (H)



Support for this production has been provided by Park Printing Solutions, Wisconsin Public Radio, and Wisconsin Public Television.