Sarah Marty, Producing Artistic Director, has been part of Four Seasons Theatre since the very beginning. In addition to her staff duties she’s been part of several productions as a stage manager, a costume designer, projection designer, pinchhitter on the piano, and more. She’s directing this Cabaret @ the Circle and has truly enjoyed the chance to work with this talented cast on this show.


Favorite Sondheim Show: ASSASSINS. I love the complexity – that every song is in the style of the music of the era that person lived, that it questions our tendency to want to see things as good vs evil and right or wrong with no nuance.  I’m so proud of everyone who worked on every single part of our 2014 production of ASSASSINS – onstage and backstage–and that we were able to share it with so many members of the community with packed houses every show.

Favorite Sondheim Song: “I Remember” from EVENING PRIMROSE, especially when Doug Swenson sings it.

Favorite Sondheim Role that You’ve Done:  For our 2008 staged concert version of FOLLIES I was both stage manager and projection designer. I did a lot of research on historic theatres that had been demolished and was able to bring them back to life, even if only for an evening, by sharing the gorgeous images with our audiences each night, all accompanied by one of the best orchestras we’ve ever been able to assemble – those reeds and brass!  As a stage manager, the “One Last Kiss” scene with Old Heidi (Margaret Ingraham) and Young Heidi (Christina Harrop Naplan) was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever been a part of and hearing the audience cheer every show for “Woman in the Mirror” was great too.

Sondheim Role that You Want to Do: Looking at the catalog we haven’t produced COMPANY yet, and I’d love to EVENING PRIMROSE.

Sondheim Role that You Want to Do But Will Probably Never Get To Do: Sam Byck in ASSASSINS. Hamburgers!

Best Sondheim Experience: We’ve done so many Sondheim shows – I can’t pick just one moment. ….and the opening of SWEENEY TODD in 2006 when Rick Henslin rose out of the floor in a sea of fog …and Maureen Janson’s lovely choreography and Monica Butler’s costumes and everyone gliding across the stage opening number of our 2012 A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC.

Worst Sondheim Experience:  During a performance of SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM our elegantly attired cast members were all seated at cabaret tables on stage throughout the show.  One night a gigantic centipede ran across the floor heading right for Leslie Cao and Bobby Goderich – just looking for a leg to run up.  They didn’t flinch at all, just slowly angled away and prayed. Absolutely terrifying.

Theater Ritual or Good-Luck Charm:  Sour cream and cheddar ruffles and Diet Dr. Pepper at 10 out of 12 rehearsals during tech week. Oh, who am I kidding. All week. All of tech.

Theater Mishap or Embarrassing Story:

As a Sondheim Fanatic I Confess That: I’ll always be grateful to Mr. Buchholz (RIP) for including WEST SIDE STORY in our English class unit on “Romeo and Juliet” – I’d watched classic movie musicals on PBS many times but this was something completely different and mesmerizing. (and a big thank you to English teachers everywhere that still do!)



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