We’re hard at work in rehearsals for our upcoming Cabaret @ the Circle, February 16 at The Play Circle at the Memorial Union.  We thought it would be fun to share a few stories from each of our Sondheim fanatics in the cast.

Anna Pfefferkorn returns to FST after her performance as Antonia in our summer 2017 production of MAN OF LA MANCHA.

Favorite Sondheim show: A tie between INTO THE WOODS and SWEENEY TODD. INTO THE TODD?

Favorite Sondheim song: Johanna (quintet version) from SWEENEY TODD. I sing all the parts and cherry-pick my favorite harmonies.

Favorite Sondheim role I’ve played:  I *almost* went on as The Witch in INTO THE WOODS. The Witch took a tumble onstage, and backstage, my heart stopped. She was fine, and I was so relieved. Although it’s an awesome role, I was a terrified college freshman and not mentally prepared in that instance!

Sondheim role I want to do: The Beggar Woman in SWEENEY TODD. So mysterious, humorous, and tragic. I’d also love Louise (GYPSY), and The Witch or The Baker’s Wife (INTO THE WOODS).

Sondheim role I want to do but probably won’t be cast as: Officer Krupke.

Best Sondheim experience: Being in a backstage music video of “Uptown Funk” during a production of INTO THE WOODS. Look up “Into the Funk” on YouTube. It’s a masterpiece.

Worst Sondheim experience: Sharing the stage with a Drunken Cinderella’s Father who…let’s just say got a little too Method.
Theatre ritual or good-luck charm: I like to dance ridiculously backstage during the overture. I’m also paranoid about my mic being on when it’s not supposed to be, so I tend to observe silence backstage.

Theatre mishap or embarrassing story: I was dehydrated during A CHORUS LINE. During the finale dance, I hallucinated that there was a cat wandering the stage.

Favorite Sondheim lyric: “And here’s to the girls who just watch. Aren’t they the best?” (From “Ladies Who Lunch,” COMPANY)


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