Miranda Hawk is the director for FST’s production of SOUVENIR, which runs December 6–16 in the Overture Center’s Playhouse.

What attracted you to this play?

The relationship between Cosmé and Florence—the care, love, and challenge they provide each other is a lesson we can all take to heart. And I love Florence. To sing with abandon is a fantastic demonstration of courage.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with this play?

These artists (Thomas and Sarah) are so beautifully talented. They make my job easy. And fantastically fun.


What has been the most surprising thing about the production?

In my research, I’m amazed at the variety of Madame Jenkins’ life. I don’t know if anyone knows who this woman really was, which makes her all the more fascinating to me.


Are there ways that you’re like Florence or Cosmé? Do you see aspects of yourself in either of them?

I want to be a marvelous combination of both—to have Florence’s courage and Cosmé’s compassion.


Give us your thoughts on this question posed by a reviewer of the original Broadway production: “The play takes a humorous look at the true meaning of music and the art of performing. Is ‘exactitude’ of technique the real goal, or is it the honest expression of the artist’s soul?”

I don’t think it’s either…I think this play is a humorous (and sometimes painful) look at the impact of music and the strength of performing.


Give us your pitch for why people should come and see this show!

We are living in a time where public ridicule and criticism is “normal.” This production reminds us to put ourselves out there and applaud others who do the same. Oh…and these actors are damn good.


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