APT favorite Sarah Day plays the role of Florence Foster Jenkins in FST’s SOUVENIR, which runs December 6–16 in the Overture Center’s Playhouse.


What attracted you to the role of Florence Foster Jenkins?

What attracted me is her love of music. Her confidence. Her generosity. Her depth of feeling. She’s such a beautiful character in this play. And I care about her deeply.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with this role?

The singing. I have sung before, and can sing…but I don’t really consider myself “a singer,” because I don’t do it on a regular basis. But learning all the beautiful songs, the way they should be sung, and then learning to be “off” has been and is a great and wonderful challenge.


What’s your favorite song or moment in the production?

There are too many favorite moments…but I must say that being in rehearsal and watching and listening to Thomas Kasdorf as he tells and sings of Cosmé Moon’s relationship with Florence Foster Jenkins…that’s what I’m loving right now.  He is such a delight to play with on stage, and to watch.


Give us your thoughts on this question posed by a reviewer of the original Broadway production: “The play takes a humorous look at the true meaning of music and the art of performing. Is ‘exactitude’ of technique the real goal, or is it the honest expression of the artist’s soul?”

One of the things that Cosmé talks about is that a true artist has his/her own voice, and that second-raters sound like everyone else. Florence Foster Jenkins was unique. She sang from her heart. The music she heard in her head was glorious and filled with joy.


Give us your pitch for why people should come and see this show!

I think it’s a wonderful love story—about a love of music, and about two people who care for, and about, one another…who protect each other, and are aware that the other has made them a better person, and given them a better life. They truly are grateful for one another.


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